Missoulians on Bicycles (MOBI)

Missoulians on Bicycles (MOBI) is a nonprofit organization established to promote bicycling in western Montana. From 1976 to 2017 the bike club hosted the Tour of the Swan River Valley (TOSRV West). From 1977 to 2016, a period of 40 years, the club sponsored the Western Montana Hill Climb Championships in Pattee Canyon near Missoula.

Winter is coming to an end and we are ramping up for group rides. As you may know, we are not doing TOSRV this year, but we will continue to sponsor weekend rides. We need ride leaders! Past ride descriptions can be a guide – take over a past ride or make up one of your own. We need short rides, long rides, hard rides and easier ones. If a planned group ride is too much for you – why not make up your own rom?

We will be communicating group ride schedules through our new email communication service, Mailchimp. You can opt-in or out, all on your own. Look for these emails as a primary source of MOBI news. The posts will go to Facebook as well so follow us there.